Monday, December 06, 2010

The twitterbuzz has been crazy lately, so we'd like to confirm the rumours. Perl on Poles is officially incorporating Plack as a key component of our core infrastructure.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well team, we've been in stealth mode lately, as you no doubt have noticed.

The camels have become restless, we may have to send them back - perhaps we bought them too early in the project. We retrospected on it, and maybe live-action stop-motion with real animals is too tricky.

In any event, many of you following along in IRC have started to feel the tangible sense of passion and new found purpose erupting within the community. It's definitely the year of action for us.

P.S. I'm sad to inform you that our double agent was recently captured by a mob of ruby fanboys after a recent incident involving yogurt.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

OK Polers, new thoughts coming out here. Could it be that our efforts are best spent on education? On spreading the word?

Perhaps the felt Camels should be explaining the delta from perl 5 to perl 6. They could at least start exploring the main ideas.

Perhaps they could walk through the interesting parts of the apocalypses?

Friday, October 07, 2005


Not much has happened on the PoP front lately. Our initial excitement and dreams of infinite possibilities are starting to change in colour.
I think that this happened because we were caught up too much in the web 1.0 attitude. We were too caught up in details to see the patterns (so called 'eigenpatterns') all around us.

What we need is higher level thinking. We need meta components, yesterday's (?:cp|js)an packages are tomorrows lego blocks.

The team has been throwing a lot of ideas around.

  • Do we continue with Perl on Poles or fork?

  • Why are ruby people so afraid of java?

  • Why can't we watch more Awesome Town?

  • Where are all the Camel videos?

  • Even java programmers are cooler than .net programmers.

  • Why do I have to type HTML to make this a list? If we can't choose a standard markup, can we at least make them easily pluggable? Sheesh.

It sure would be cool if I could just:

pop create Awesome-Web
vi lib/Awesome/
pop up

And then point your browser at http://localhost/wiknikid?level=17

The real magic happens in the
pop up(date)
action. Here, pop will helpfully find all your cpan and jsan dependencies, and then install them into the perl you setup the project with.

Many of our readers have asked us, "Why not add this to something that's already awesome, like Catalyst or Maypole?"

It's a question worth considering. Here's the problem. The ruby guys stole the keys to the hype machine recently, and they burned out the brakes. So now, if we want to use the machine, we gotta speed up to catch it. Fortunately, this is happening. We've got our own podcast, an underground revolution, and our own secretly planted double agent.

Who knows what the future holds...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

OK, time to start brainstorming for our introduction video. I think it should describe what PoP is all about, our values, and our underlying principles.

In other news, I wondered today if one could implement vim text boxes in javascript, and apply it on a browser. This would allow you to have command and insert mode at your fingertips. Javascript guys, what do you say?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Now that the announcement is over, there is lots to do. We should track the todo items using App-HWD. We should store the hwd file in some kind of SCM. So setting up a subversion server needs to happen. I tried setting it up on daria, but gentoo wouldn't let it live beside my apache2.

The cross crib game should be rewritten using poles as soon as possible.

Poles should support Games::Minigames.

Once we have a place for code, we should start on a basic build system. We'll use activeperl 5.8 as a base, and then create packages that get installed. We'll create a poles installer that installs ap58 and all of the great packages. Then it's just a simple matter of importing packages from cpan to build a web framework and writing the glue, baby.

To get the hype machine going (we've got a lot of work to do to catch up to those Ruby people), we're going to need a flashy and expensive ad campaign. But instead of that, we'll create videos that spread the word of PoP.

First up: Green Camel meets Yellow Camel

I'm proud to announce the beginning of a process that will culminate in the alpha release of Perl on Poles (0.01).

PoP is a fully integrated meta framework. Designed only during periods of intense safety, PoP enables people to create web services without even paying attention. Because PoP uses the dynamic language Perl, the workhorse of the internet, throughout the stack, you can focus your thoughts on your task de jour with even the shortest attention span.

Because PoP can integrate with any existing technology, you can do a lot with not much. Add to this that Perl on Poles is optimized for fun, and you can't loose.

Perl on Poles is comprised of several Underlying Packages, which do stuff for you. The core PoPUPs provide: session state serialization, an integrated web framework and the ability to do everything else.

After Perl on Poles finishes it's beta period (date TBD), it will be adopted by most internet websites.


Tired of slaving away trying to get your Ruby on Rails app to work? Tired of the frustrating eigenclass dance? You'll appreciate the following features:

  • XMLng - Putting XML in it's place: where you don't look at it (with 27% less situps! than our competitors)
  • 100% Web 2.0 compliant!
  • integrated wikiwyg
  • built in support for JSAN
  • integrated bit torrent support
  • a synergistic union with CPAN
  • a friendly rivalry with competing frameworks based on a shared distrust for q(.net)
  • a friendship with Pugs
  • an animated series based on the lead characters
  • a truly integrated stack

Project Members

  • Luke Closs - Chief PoPo - Chief Perl on Poles Officer
  • Chris Simmons - Deputy PoPo
  • Jonagh Fairbrother
  • Kevin "KJo" Jones - PoPoP (Perl on Poles official Podcaster)
  • Orlando (or Lando) V.