Friday, October 07, 2005


Not much has happened on the PoP front lately. Our initial excitement and dreams of infinite possibilities are starting to change in colour.
I think that this happened because we were caught up too much in the web 1.0 attitude. We were too caught up in details to see the patterns (so called 'eigenpatterns') all around us.

What we need is higher level thinking. We need meta components, yesterday's (?:cp|js)an packages are tomorrows lego blocks.

The team has been throwing a lot of ideas around.

  • Do we continue with Perl on Poles or fork?

  • Why are ruby people so afraid of java?

  • Why can't we watch more Awesome Town?

  • Where are all the Camel videos?

  • Even java programmers are cooler than .net programmers.

  • Why do I have to type HTML to make this a list? If we can't choose a standard markup, can we at least make them easily pluggable? Sheesh.

It sure would be cool if I could just:

pop create Awesome-Web
vi lib/Awesome/
pop up

And then point your browser at http://localhost/wiknikid?level=17

The real magic happens in the
pop up(date)
action. Here, pop will helpfully find all your cpan and jsan dependencies, and then install them into the perl you setup the project with.

Many of our readers have asked us, "Why not add this to something that's already awesome, like Catalyst or Maypole?"

It's a question worth considering. Here's the problem. The ruby guys stole the keys to the hype machine recently, and they burned out the brakes. So now, if we want to use the machine, we gotta speed up to catch it. Fortunately, this is happening. We've got our own podcast, an underground revolution, and our own secretly planted double agent.

Who knows what the future holds...


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